About this audio:
Devotion is a tricky thing. It can be either a virtue or a fault.
“Where is my faith? Even deep down ... there is nothing but emptiness and darkness ... If there be God—please forgive me. When I try to raise my thoughts to Heaven, there is such convicting emptiness that those very thoughts return like sharp knives and hurt my very soul.”
-Mother Teresa

About this visual (Andrew Luttrull):
The song Skopje is set for me in the light of an intense blue summer sky as seen from the domestic dwelling of somebody’s soul.


Endure with youth in your nerves. Your desire discerned.
Sure as the stars that shine over Skopje.
Strong like your mother, sweet like her song.
And when the doors opened wide to Darjeeling blue skies
Scars on your hands and hands in your pocket
Heart on your sleeve and fire in your eyes.

The way the wound mitigates your courage,
You were a child, I know you were scared.
Fading memory of your father standing proud in the distance
Waiting there for you after.
Waiting there for you always.

Hush, hush. Now hold it down, my darling.
Koi Baat Nahi my darling.
Break. Break it down. You break it down.
Wait, wait. No hesitation child.
The silence is wild.
Wait while your wound is opened wide.

Forsaken sacred entente, say my name just once.
A reticent creed you held with aversion, eli eli lama sabachthani.
Because when your feet hit the ground no one made a sound.
Give us you shoes oh Mother Compassion.
Give us your years as silence abounds.
I can’t begin to discern cosmic taciturn.
Watch for your star, dear Mother Theresa.
Wait for the moment certain to come.

And how the hell do you stay so stubborn?
To tune to the pitch of such distant sound?
To salt the wound where you took her father?
To hide yourself in the silence, drown her spark in your absence?
Tidal waves of your absence.

Heart attack. Pacemaker. Further heart complications. Silence. Broken collar bone. Malaria. Failure of the left heart ventricle. Heart surgery. Silence. Exorcism. Silence. Death, Sept. 5 1997. Silence.


from Language Burier, released June 3, 2016
Written, performed, engineered, produced by Alan Goffinski.
Mastered by Adam Wisz.
Artwork by Andrew Luttrull.



all rights reserved


Alan Goffinski Indianapolis, Indiana

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