Prayer Chains

from by Alan Goffinski



About this audio:
Denial, Depression, Acceptance – in case you were wondering. Losing grip of what you once believed and held close to your heart is painful and lonely like heartbreak or the death of a loved one. It sits heavy in your abdomen and makes your heart beat louder.

About this visual (Lauren Hall):
Assuming that everyone is whole, as we walk around in these solid bodies of mass and substance, it's easy to forget that you, like me, struggle to become unbound by what we are enslaved to, whether it be social control, internal beliefs, or stories about who and what we are. This piece and this song really called to this sense of searching for me, for digging deep into the reservoir with bravery. I think through that digging we find our voice, a universal language we all know whispers of but often quiet. And through finding our voice, or our song, we show the world what we're really all about.


This silent still horizon, the distance of your ghost.
Still staring into darkness for the faces that I’ve known.
And since the scrambled syntax it’s been buried in my lungs
Portmanteautally pneumonialone.
This blistered, burnt out city. This ghost town of a soul.
A would be devisee to dialectic tae kwon do.
Blanking on the reason why I let the reason go
To float into the black and blue alone.

These calloused lungs, this indigo blood.
I’m not afraid to say I’m the only one for just this once.
This nauseous noise, this indigo voice.
I’m not afraid to say I’m the only one.

Do I turn my face away from all the places where you are?
Hold my breath to death and break my neck to see the stars?
Bound (and gagged) for glory or the glow of something else
To shine it up and sell it to myself.
Old soul synecdochal, take your headcount for the call.
Forsake your euphemisms for the sake of one and all.
In contradistinction, I will speak in cryptic tongues.
The closest kiss to holiness I’ve come.
Maybe I’ve never listened. Well, I’m listening for you now
So open up your depths before I open up my mouth
To spill my guts and break your trust. I swear to God I’m bound
To show you what I’m really all about

These calloused lungs, this zydeco song.
I’m not afraid to say I’m the only one for just this once.
This nauseous noise, this indigo voice.
I’m not afraid to say I’m the only one.

Now I slide like a National resonator six string,
Smooth like the delta blues
Into the one, the four, the five of the stages of grief.


from Language Burier, released June 3, 2016
Written, performed, engineered, produced by Alan Goffinski.
Additional guitar by Neil Kjeldsen.
Mastered by Adam Wisz.
Artwork by Lauren Hall.



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Alan Goffinski Indianapolis, Indiana

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