About this audio:
Drastic life changes can be catalysts for great things. They can also be periods of immense distress and uncertainty, bringing about awkward reevaluation of one’s life’s foundational truths. Admitting your fear and uncertainty is uncomfortable. Walking into that darkness is terrifying. And like Lot’s wife, you try not to look back.

About this visual (Ann Fields Monical):
If you were to make a topographical map of your experiences, where would you find peaks and valleys? As I travel through life, I am physically changed by the passing of time. My skin is getting wrinkles, and I'm reminded of how the wind and water shape the Earth. I cannot return to the past, but I can retrace my steps. There are places to which I'd rather not travel again, but the canyon will always exist.


The best of the worst of all I can give you.
I don’t want to hold onto a promise overdue.
The sound of kingdom come. Sweet delusion.
I don’t want to tether to vestiges of my youth.
If my ears start to bleed and I cannot see I want you to show me.

Alkali. Don’t push it, you don’t get to defend your salty dissention.

The oeuvre of all that you stumble back to.
I don’t want to cave into the weight of words accrued.
The fane to the nameless one, incognito.
I know I cant hold onto apocryphal pulchritude.

If I can’t find my feet, and when I cannot sleep,
I want you to show me.


from Language Burier, released June 3, 2016
Written, performed, engineered, produced by Alan Goffinski.
Mastered by Adam Wisz.
Artwork by Ann Fields Monical.



all rights reserved


Alan Goffinski Indianapolis, Indiana

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